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Durban North, Isipingo, La Lucia,
Isipingo,Phoenix, Pinetown,
Queensburgh, Umhlanga Rocks, Westville

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BEE Status

We are a Black Economic Empowerment, BEE?status company and fully trained security Guards, alarms, cctv ?in the Durban and surrounding areas. Our suppliers have all BEE status and we work closely with them.

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Employ the Genuine Security Guards for your Trading

For a long while, security guards have been in use in thousands businesses. The main goal for hiring a security guard is to take care of citizens and property and also to prevent crime in your trading. There are few firms offering security guard services across the world. Usually, most firms offering guard services are complaisant enough to pose both long term and short term services. Usually, the guards are placed in strategic places such as the entry and exit places of your industry. The guards will deter any suspecting activities such as theft and also pose a sense of security to the crowd visiting your trading.

Why seek security guard services from established security guard firms?

One of the advantages of engaging security guards from these firms is access to qualified personnel. Nearly all security guard agencies are provided with pre-qualified and knowledgeable security guards who will definitely offer the best services for your industry. You can get a wide range of guards and select the ones that fully suit your business. Going for a security guard service saves you from the tedious process of recruiting guards as well as conducting a background search on them.

There are various factors that you need to put into consideration much as outsourcing security guard services. What class of security service do you need for your business? Do you need to have armed security guards or the unarmed security guards? Your choice of security guards will mainly depend on the level of protection you require for your industry.

Much as searching security guard services, ensure that the guards on offer are well trained and they have or obtain the necessary credentials. Engage your security guards from companies with well trained and qualified citizens. Make certain that the guards hired have the required qualifications to competently serve your industry establishment. For instance, a guard equipped in serving hospitality establishments may not be suited to serve the medical sector. Make certain that you go for a guard who is specialized in serving your business sector.

When evaluating various security guards, check for prior experience in identical establishments. You could summon for referrals of the guards. Examine the guards’ previous employers so as to references the reliability of the guards as well as their knowledge and performance. The technique of seeking security guard services requires time and dedication.

When searching security guard services, your finances has to be considered. Ensure that you can easily afford the security services sought. You cannot scoop more than you can bite. It is therefore considerable to go for services that you can easily afford. Numerous security guard companies charge different prices for the security guards. Go for the affordable security firms but also be aware of the track record of the security company.

Although the fact that there are thousands security guards available for businesses to choose from, choosing the right security guard can be a daunting task.

How can you be sure that the guard chosen is well suitable to secure your industry?

Always remember that the security guards are the crowd you invest the safety of your business to. You cannot afford to make a blunder much as choosing your guards. The safety of your business will hugely depend on the qualification and competency of your guards. It is therefore important to exercise caution whenever you are outsourcing security guard services whether on long term or short term basis
We can get you FREE quotes from reputable security companies in Durban, KZN





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The Concern of a Stable Domestic Security System

We accommodated in a highly fearful world, dominated by burglary and crime. Due to the pronounced differences between the classes of society, cultural conflicts and various other factors, worldwide crime rates have known an exacerbated grow in the last decades, rendering modern society a highly choppy and unsafe surrounding. Every day we hear about all sorts of crimes, robberies and thefts, making us doubt the safeguard of our work place, possessions and even our lives here in Durban!

Everyman are feeling more and more jumpy inside their homes these days and they reinforce their doors and windows, put in extra door locks, and even buy patrol dogs to provide them safety. However, it is crazy important to note that hardened robbers can gently gap through to a wide range of domestic defenses, the previously mentioned precautions only providing a deceiving sense of protection. In addition, recently conducted research has revealed that the most burglaries and robberies take place while the owners are at home, exposing the domestic owners and their families to an alarming risk!

In present-time, the only effective means to protect your domestic against robbers is to build in a trustworthy home security system. Only after you have armed your house with an efficient alarm system you can certainly feel 100 percent ok inside your home. A farmhouse armed with an in fashion, solid security system is definitely not an easy target for robbers. Even the best professional robbers will think twice before breaking inside a harbor armed with an in fashion security system. However, even if they holiday inside a harbor with a security system installed, robbers will trigger the alarm, alerting the local monitoring station and the police force.

As soon as you order a house security system, a company will speedily deliver and install it for you. Domestic security systems are easy to use, allowing users to control a series of features via keypad. The security system is password-protected, requiring you to type in the already established password before you can change the settings of the alarm system. After you have typed in your password, you can easily arm or disarm the alarm system, or personalize various specific settings. Once full-armed, the alarm will be triggered by any attempt of breaching inside the entertain. In order to ensure that your house is actual protected, you should install motion detectors to every door and window of your house.

Home security systems are monitored non-stop by a local monitoring station. When the alarmed is triggered, the security system will straightaway alarm the monitoring station and you will be instantly contacted on the phone by an associate of the security team, in order to confirm whether your admit has been breached or the signal has been triggered by accident. If you don’t answer the phone or give the incorrect password, the monitoring station will quickly alert the guard.

A trustworthy house security system is a very actual means of protecting your house. As soon as you equip your harbor with a modernized, actual security system, you are guaranteed maximum protection and ongoing monitoring for your home.









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Your Guide To Buying Security Cameras for Home or Office

Today’s technology here in Durban KZN has made setting up security precautions such as security cameras a cinch! You no longer need to be a millionaire to set up one. You could even install one yourself, it is that easy! Security cameras provide a means for its owner to watch over his or her propery from the safety and convenience of any area he chooses. This type of system is a great deterrent to thievery and unwanted entry. Most organizations  in Durban KZN that have sensitive items or are off limits to the general public employ these cameras to help keep their places safe.

Purchasing and implementing such a system may save your business from the terrors of illegal entry. Investment in such could save you a whole lot of trouble.

Before purchasing a system, you will want to consider the following factors.

Your needs
Study your needs. The type of security measures installed will depend on your specific security needs. For example how large is the area you would like covered? How many cameras will it take to monitor this area here in Durban KZN? You must make sure the security camera system you will purchase can accommodate enough slots for expansion for later.

Do you need audio too? Some camera systems have audio recording equipment as well so you can not only see what happens, but hear it as well. This is important in cases when you would like everything documented. However, this may be costly. Many establishments only require video records of their security cctv.

Also, you must ascertain whether you need to have your security cameras record in color or black and white, that is important. Color cameras are, of course, more sophisticated and show a clearer picture. However, they tend to be pricey. Color cameras might also not work in low-light situations.

Consider the location of the cameras in Durban KZN . Will the location be hard to set up a wiring system in? In that case, you may want to consider wireless security camera systems. However, these cameras must be in a place that is conducive to high quality broadcast. There must be no interference for other equipment. They can, though, be moved around the area. They are a bit more flexible than their fixed-wire cousins.

Will the camera system be for outdoor purposes? Cameras that monitor outdoor locations need special weatherproof housings and may not be recommended for extreme temperatures and various elements. Also those that may be vandalized must be protected against such. In Durban KZN the camera must be serviced regularly.

Also, you must take in consideration the lighting for an area. If your camera cannot record a scene due to bad lighting, you will end up with muddy images that won’t help in your surveillance activities. Choose a security camera that has a good sensitivity to light. Also, try to illuminate such areas with external lighting.

You must consider where the power sources will be located. Make sure they are well protected against the elements and from tampering.

Consider the available methods for recording the images. You may use a variety of backup media. And with the advent of computer storage media, even the use of hard disks, compact discs, and DVDs can prove to be an inexpensive way to store your data.

Installing a Security Camera System
Most home security cameras require little wiring, but installation differs according to model. Here are the basic steps:

1. Survey the area to be monitored. Follow the instructions/manual that comes with your security camera product. Install the camera at a proper distance from the area to be surveyed. Cameras vary in the distances from which they focus, so it would do well to pay notice to such.

2. Secure the camera using proper mounts, etc. Make sure that if the camera you are to install should not be moved, its placing should be secure and tamper proof.

4. Connect the camera to the monitor according to the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure the wiring is as hidden and as secure as possible. This will make it harder for vandals and thieves from damaging your wiring.

5. Fine tune your system. Make sure you optimize the images you receive from the camera. Set a maintenance plan and fail safe plans to employ in case your cameras break down.

6 Organize an archival system according to your needs. Backing up and recording your images are implemented here.

You can also upgrade your security cameras (CCTV) here in Durban

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Thinking About Home Protection?

Why have monitored alarm systems?
The point of having a monitored security system in Durban is that if a break-in occurs, the right authorities can be notified and dispatched. Your business or home is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives peace of mind knowing that your home or business in Durban is protected. You also have the use of the three panic buttons (police, fire & medical). And further, having a monitored alarm system can save you up to 20% off your home insurance.

Is the security system easy to use?
A security system is very easy to use; the installer will provide basic training on the system after installation. Usually a security system comes with a complete manual that will provide further information about the security system. Some companies in Durban offer a 14-day orientation program. And if you attend the orientation program, there will be no dispatch until the 14-day period is over. Also the customer care department from you installer will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is the system hard-wired or wireless?
You can get both hardwired and wireless equipment. It all depends on the location you are on. In a residential setting where the basement is finished and where there is no access to the ceiling, then it is possible to install a wireless system. If there is access to the basement ceiling then you need to install the hardwired system. Every home in durban is different, and security consultants are trained to be able to present you the most suitable system and design for your location and your needs.

Can I use my system only when no one is home?
A security system can be designed in many ways to suit your way of life. You can pick from various levels of protection. For instance when you are not home you can have all the motion sensors and contacts activated. And if you are at home you can choose which zones are activated. Some peripherals such as smoke detectors must always be active, whether the system is armed or disarmed. Your security consultant can usually help you design a system that would best fit your needs and everyday life.

What happens if the burglar cuts my phone line?
Generally monitored alarm systems use the phone line to send a signal to the monitoring station. If the line is cut no one knows there is a break-in. The siren will still be audible though. If you want to have equipment that can handle the case where your phone line is cut, that is possible. Your security consultant can advise you the best course of action. You can use a Radio as a backup in your house or business in Durban

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CCTV Cameras Durban Area

With the growth of theft and crime in business, Closed Circuit Television cameras or CCTV Cameras are considered as an essential security tool. This type of security in KZN Durban is essential. You need cameras in Durban

Close Circuit Television cameras, known as CCTV,are installed in all places for crime detection and prevention. These surveillance cameras are available at a reasonable cost, it is simple to install and it requires low-maintenance.
Why Employ More Guards If You Can Use a CCTV System?

More Guards? NO   cctv durban

You can reduce the number of security guards by using multiple and moving surveillance cameras(cctv Durban). Here are more benefits of using CCTV systems in Durban Area:

– Reduce the risk of employees falling asleep and make sure he do his patrols.

We offer 24 Hour Surveillance in Durban . You don’t have to stress about employees staying away from work.

– You don’t even need a security guard during the night to open electric gates or doors. We can do everything from our Durban control centre with fingerprint recognition or open the gate remotely for you.

Deters Crime. Criminals are likely to leave and search for an easier target. Employees who know that they are being watched will be less likely to take a chance to steal from their employer.

– It records and keep all incidents of crime. You can always go back to surveillance footage and rewind it, to help solve crime.

– The software is extremely easy to use and it runs on Windows XP or later version of Windows. Basically, if you know how to click a mouse you will be able to use it.

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